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Getting your business legally smart isn't just an important part of success - it's crucial. And we think you should have those smarts without worrying about how much it costs...

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24/7 support and guidance for every stage and type of your business...

  • Legal Guidance​
  • HR Suite​
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  • Sales & Marketing​
  • Finance, Tax and Debt​
  • Cyber Security​
  • Data Compliance​
  • Health & Safety​
  • Business Planning

...written in plain English, endorsed by experts

  • Up-to-date laws and regulations​
  • User-friendly, dynamic document & legal templates​
  • Step-by-step practical guides​
  • Checklists and infographics​
  • Instructional bite-sized video tutorials​
  • Task-based workflow tools​
  • Rapid and affordable pay-as-you-go legal advice​



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You may have Farillio already because another amazing household brand has chosen us for you – e.g. in your insurance, bank account or trade association membership.


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Farillio fills a gap that has been crying out for attention for a long time... A modern platform for a digital age at a cost that will literally be game-changing for businesses everywhere.

Ash Phillips, Founder & Director, Yena Global

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While we can connect you with some very fine advisers in the UK, and we collaborate with them to provide you with great materials, Farillio itself is not a law firm. We do not directly provide legal advice ourselves. All resources are available for you to use (according to our terms and conditions), but those resources are not legal advice to you and neither are they a substitute for you taking legal advice from a lawyer.

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