The Wilkes Partnership

Friendly, knowledgeable experts in small business law since 1933

The Wilkes Partnership

Why we chose them

Wilkes lawyers are well-established, busy small business advisers, pragmatic, experienced, have always shown great empathy for business owners and managers and they get super testimonials from our customers, who value their no nonsense, upfront and friendly approach.

This is a firm of active, in-demand advisers who both practice and help change and shape law daily. It’s why their values, customer-centric approach and readiness to help build Farillio from the outset, made them an obvious choice for us.

Specialists in:

Private client and willsDisputes and complaintsData handling and data protectionEmploymentCorporate and constitutional lawDebt and insolvency lawCommercial and trading lawIPCompetition law

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We have worked with The Wilkes Partnership to create loads of resources to help you run you business.

While we can connect you with some very fine advisers in the UK, and we collaborate with them to provide you with great materials, Farillio itself is not a law firm. We do not directly provide legal advice ourselves. All resources are available for you to use (according to our terms and conditions), but those resources are not legal advice to you and neither are they a substitute for you taking legal advice from a lawyer.