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One of our ‘nirvana’ solution partners: hands-on, experienced advisers who feel like they’re part of your team and who hit the ground running on your matters without fuss, pomp or bureaucracy are a rare occurrence for small businesses. Obelisk advisers have extensive commercial experience and apply both law and strong business-acumen to instructions. Gold dust.

Partnership was a no-brainer - and we’ve not looked back since!

Obelisk advisers provide our ‘Review it For Me’ service, which enables users to have their completed Farillio templates reviewed by an expert lawyer at a modest fixed fee.

Specialists in:

Commercial (Review it For Me)Employment (Review It For Me)

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You can get professional help from Obelisk in just a couple of clicks.

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While we can connect you with some very fine advisers in the UK, and we collaborate with them to provide you with great materials, Farillio itself is not a law firm. We do not directly provide legal advice ourselves. All resources are available for you to use (according to our terms and conditions), but those resources are not legal advice to you and neither are they a substitute for you taking legal advice from a lawyer.