November 2022 Farillio SME Newsletter

November 2022 Farillio SME Newsletter

Tuesday 29 Nov 22


Welcome to November’s newsletter, covering all the latest from Farillio:

  • New Features: This month sees us collaborate with new partner Natwest to launch their Carbon Planner tool on Farillio.

  • Updated content:

  1. We’ve updated our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) suite of materials to showcase Natwest’s excellent Carbon Planner tool.

  2. Staying with the ESG theme, we’ve also updated the suite to include a guide on Sustainable Branding options for your business - you’ll find our comparative chart a great starting point

  3. We’ve updated a number of our guides to reflect the latest government plans, budgets and announcements this Autumn.

  • New content: This month, you’ll find more new resources in your Farillio account, covering:
  1. Address your ESG status with clarity and purpose: our new step-by-step ESG workflow tool: Achieve ESG Success! is now live in your Farillio account.

  2. More sales and marketing gold-dust: new guides focused on quick and easy ways to get more customers to buy from you online and 6 essential steps to make your customers want to buy from you launch this month. A masterful ‘marketing successfully on a shoestring’ webinar rounds off the new content.

  3. Online sales compliance: Take the mini-assessment and check the legal essentials if you’re selling or advertising online – lots of businesses trip up on these rules and it can really damage customer and supplier trust in your business.

  • Community Spotlight: November’s spotlight falls on Ed Kirwan founder of Empathy Week who is on a mission to use the power of film to build the #EmpathyGeneration. He uses Farillio in his own business.

  • Expert corner: How are you feeling about your sales results this season? This month’s Farillio business expert is Boss It’s author and sales and business guru, Carl Reader! He shares lots of tips on Farillio – we’ve picked some our faves for you.

  • What we’ve been reading, watching or following: This month, we’ve listed our top picks for essential small business news and ‘reads’. Your latest edition covers:

  1. Our take on the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement - if you need a reminder or a reliable run down, here’s our brief round-up

  2. How can you help your staff cope with the cost of living crisis? We’ve scooped up some of our favourite reads on this topic so far this Autumn: from’s 6 benefits you can introduce, to Ciphr’s 7 ways employers can support employees, and our personal favourite, the very comprehensive, and rather brilliant report from law firm Burges Salmon: Supporting your people through the cost of living crisis.

  3. Amazon – small business friend or foe – The Times’ Sam Chambers takes a look at recent experiences and asks whether Amazon’s marketplace is small business-friendly, or might swallow your business up… Is the price too high?

  4. Should we pursue growth and scale for our business?Leena Normington’s video for the Small is Beautiful campaign suggests that for many of us, this could be an unfulfilling and unfruitful ambition… We look at her manifesto reasons…

  5. 10 rules of growth – for those of us that do consider growth is the right direction and focus, McKinsey’s evaluated 15 years of data for 5,000 businesses to identify essential rules supporting revenue growth.

  6. Do you HAVE to do something – We loved Insurance Thought Leadership’s ‘5 most expensive words known to mankind’ – we think you’ll enjoy this final read…

New Features and Alerts: Carbon calculating and planning made easy - thanks to Natwest, + key tax and legal updates!

New Content: More ESG tools and brand-enhancing support

New Content: Get more sales and more revenue!

New Content: Do customers and suppliers trust your online sales set-up?

Community Spotlight: meet Ed Kirwan from Empathy Week

Expert corner: Boss It’s Author, the formidable, always logical, Carl Reader!

That's all folks!

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