How I use Farillio: Christopher Taylor, Accelerator-HR

How I use Farillio: Christopher Taylor, Accelerator-HR

Friday 23 Sep 22

Redefining HR outsourcing for small businesses

Chris is one of Farillio’s business customers, one of our trusted business experts, and a hugely valued contributor of feedback to us in our relentless pursuit of improvement and customer delight.

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Chris believes work can be happier, healthier, more purposeful and rewarding if businesses move towards progressive employment practices that represent the interests of ordinary workers, not just those privileged enough to lead. Bringing his PR, marketing, entrepreneurial, investment and strategic expertise to the world of HR, Chris has carved out a creative, highly differentiated niche from which to provide his hugely well-respected HR services.

In his own words, here’s a bit more about Chris and his business, Accelerator-HR, from why he’s reshaping HR from a more progressive and client-friendly angle, to how he’s overcome the fact that people hate HR for being ‘unhuman’ and how Farillio’s been an invaluable source of expertise and resources that he’s ‘returned to again and again’.

Hello Chris, please tell us about yourself and Accelerator-HR?

What key challenges have you faced in running your business, Chris?

Can you describe the key needs you have as a business owner?

How has Farillio helped you on your journey, Chris?

Chris, who’s inspired you along the way? Who are your role models?

Thanks so much, Chris. How can our community contact you and get to know and/or follow your business?

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